Дорога в тысячу ли начинается с одного шага...
Hi to everybody.How are you?I hope you are fine.But as for me I don't know how am I.My loneliness and indiference are so deep that you can fall into them if you'll come near...
Nothing interests me.Nothing at all.I'm againg wandering in the worlds of Ann Rice,R.L.Stain and Artamonova.I want their characters to be alive.I want the Stranger to come to me and take me far away.
Wherefore is here loneliness?
Infinite hollowness
In which my thoughts echo,
To the shadows I whisper -
With the shadows I waltz -
Bear me; I am not the plague,
Alto' night cloud death ... mayhap?!
My Stranger,I cry for you!I ivolve your spirit!Come to me,come to me!!!

Dear Diary,

I think I'll never see him again.My pure feelings were taken away by the purple rain.
Dear Diary...
I suppose I have slowly died.
Eli Gordon.

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